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Financial bloggers

As well as books and Youtube videos we have some amazing bloggers, who offer a range of knowledge into many aspects of finances and investing. Here you will find a list of bloggers over a variety of subjects to help you achieve financial independence. Whether you are a beginner in finances or an expert it's always great to follow others like minded.

Beginners investing check list

Here is your free beginners investing check list.
it is a very simple sheet for you to fill out. The hopes of this list is to enable you to work out the type of investor you are, your goals, what you want to get out from investing and for you to set up any milestones you want to hit.


Automated dividend tracker

Track Your Stock Portfolio On The Go! (this is made using Google Sheets)

The features this spreadsheet offers is to track each of your stock position and calculates your average share price. Then comparing your average price to the current stock market valuations by using yahoo finance.

You are able to input the deposits you make (Or dividends received) into the deposit spreadsheet, this will then show how many shares you would be able to buy in each of your positions.

(new features are being worked on - once purchased, all future updates will be FREE OF CHARGES) 

Click here


Interested in books to read?


Sometimes it is nice to pick up a good book and relax. Bellow you will find links to some of the best books for finances and investing around. You will also find a link to grab a free copy of investing books, from Dividend investing to Value investing.

Click here to find a list of suggested books.

Click here to find 3 free PDF books.



Youtube can be a great source of knowledge when it comes too investing, finances and budgeting. Bellow you will find a link to some of the best youtubers which can provide you much knowledge for your investing or saving journey.

Click here to find a list of suggested Youtubers to follow and learn from.

Trading212 referral code

Trading212 is a great investment app available to UK and European investors. They offer fractional shares on many stocks across the entire market. With fractional shares you are able to buy 0.01 shares in a company meaning its very easy to start investing with an amount of capital.

Receive a share worth up to £100. Deposit £1 into an invest or Isa account.

Click here for code.

Click here for Trading212 review.

Freetrade referral code


Freetrade is a great investing app available for UK and European investors. They offer a wide range of stocks from UK and US stock markets. They now offer US fractional shares on some stocks.

Receive a share worth up to £200 when you open and deposit funds into a Freetrade account.

Click here for code.

Click here for Freetrade review.


Charity & Portfolio

Starting on the 1st of January, the Challenge portfolio was created on Trading212. The portfolio invests £5 a week (every monday) into dividend stocks picked by the Facebook and instagram community.

The reason for the £5 weekly investment is to show that anyone with even as little as £5 a week can start investing. The charity side of the portfolio comes in where 25% of the dividend is donated to charities which is also chosen by the community.

Using the weekly investment we invest into individual stocks, where I do a break down of that particular company in the weekly blog post. This particular Trading212 portfolio investing into individual stocks which provide a steady and monthly dividend income stream. Though investing through ETFs is the more preferred way of investing into the market - click here to read a blog why.

Current value of Challenge portfolio: £388.42

Total donate to charity: £1.14

Macmillan cancer support

Total Donated: £0

Royal British Legion

Total Donated: £1.14

Street Child

Total Donated: £0


Total Donated: £0


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