Challenge portfolio & Charity

Challenge portfolio

What is the Challenge Portfolio?

Originally the portfolio started off as the Challenge Portfolio. It started where every Monday £5 would be deposited into the account to buy individual shares from the stock market. The original aim was to demonstrate that anyone can invest with a small amount of funds. Now the Portfolio has evolved into the Philanthropist Portfolio. The portfolio now only invests into stocks which are beneficial for people, the country and world. This portfolio now doesn't invest into any sin stocks, for example tobacco, Oil or banking (As they invest into sin stocks). Following the definition of Philanthropy the portfolio will donate a percentage of the dividend income received to charity every 6 months ( Can be reviewed).

What is the aim of the Philanthropist portfolio?

The goal of the Portfolio is to invest £5 every week to build and compound a dividend income. With this income I plan to give 25% to charity. As the portfolio compounds and grows it will generate a larger cash flow to enable us to give a larger donation to a charity. 

Why a Philanthropist Portfolio?

The reason I have created this portfolio is because its one of my desires to be a more giving person, and one of the best ways I can think of is to set up a fund which invests into ethical companies and gives back to the community and world.

Click here for the Portfolio Spreadsheet.

Charitable giving

Here is the list of the 4 charities selected which the portfolio will donate to over time. We as a community have selected these 4, but we can change these over time and we won't be restricted to these alone.

Street child

Macmillan Cancer Support

Royal British Legion

Salvation Army

Total amount donated from Portfolio: £0.00


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