Budgeting & Finance sheet

When first clicking the link, you have to make a copy of the spreadsheet to be able to input your data.

*This is made using google sheets and is best if the app is installed on phones or tablets.

The main features of this sheet is the Income and expenses sheet. Filling these two sheets out first will enable you to track your income, the types of income, your estimated expenses and actual expenses.

Once the income and expenses spreadsheets are filled out you will see in the over view page that the information will be copied over into one page. 

*when tracking monthly expenses on the expense sheet copy over your actual expenses over to the overview page to compare income vs expenses.

In the over view page you can track your income against expenses, your active vs passive income and the types of income you are generating. This page also offers a visual of how much passive income you are generating on average over 1 month, 1 week, 1 day and 1 hour.

The Net worth & FIRE page uses the amount you save from the expenses sheet to help you estimate your portfolio value over a period of time with a certain growth rate.

Using the saving rate from the expenses form is used to help encourage automatic savings and investments.


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