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Everyone has different ways of learning, some enjoy to read and others desire a verbal learning. I have created lists for both books and YouTube which I recommend for anyone and everyone. This material varies from beginner to advance, so there is something for everyone.


Useful Random - investing

Sean C from has created a blog and website with such great information, not just for beginners but also those with experiance. From a weekly blog post to a compound calculator to see how much your investment could grow. Check it out and click the link below.

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Budget with me - Budgeting 

Budget with me shows you some of the best ways to save money, saving challenges and tips & tricks when it comes to budgeting and saving for your future. If you find putting pennies back throughout the month, she has the solution for you. Check it out and click the link below.

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​​ - trading

Passionate about trading & investing in the markets?

Join Torotraderx trading and investing in the worlds financial markets on Etoro. Whether its stocks, commodities, indices currency or ETFs. He will help you build a wide and diverse portfolio.

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Trading and investment on autopilot. sit back, relax and enjoy profits as Etoro's leading popular investors do the hard work for you. CopyTrader, Etoro's most popular feature, allows you too view what real traders are doing in real time and copy their trading automatically.

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Many of the books  have read myself and find them fascinating and found it enhances my day to day life. Many of the books listed can be downloaded to a phone or tablet so can easily be read any where any time.

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From beginner to advance, from saving too investing. The list of youtubers' is an extensive one, with people from the UK to the US. With many different ideologies and saving/investing styles you will find the right style for yourself.


Youtube links


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