Commission free and free share scheme

Freetrade has a lot to offer to a potential user. It offers you a very slick, easy and comfortable platform where the simplicity of it speaks for itself. What I love about freetrade is the portfolio graph, it can show 1 day, 7 days, 1 month and 1 year of your portfolio, which not a lot of other platforms offer. With Freetrade having a free share scheme they offer shares up to £200! Which is a lot compared to other brokers. They offer a large range of stocks, bonds and etfs on their platform so theres plenty to choose from.

What are the cons with Freetrade? 

The main con I find with freetrade is the trading times on the accounts. You can have a free trade but it only gets executed after 4pm on that day or you pay £1 for instant trade. If you dont have lot of money those £1 transactions can add up.

Freetrade does offer a free share scheme following the link bellow, If Freetrade takes your fancy why not give yourself a chance to grab a stock worth up to £200 when opening an account.

Freetrade free scheme link bellow:

Click here


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