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Updated: Mar 9

Recently I have been asked by many people what apps and websites I use to research companies and stocks I have in my portfolio. When it comes to investing, knowledge is power, the more you have the more informed and more likely you are to make a better decision.

There are many apps out there you can download onto your phone and here I will list them and what features they have to offer. I always use more than just one app to find the same information just so I can make sure I am getting 100% of the correct information.

App #1 - Yahoo finance

Yahoo finance is such a great app to have on your phone. You can search up almost every stock on the stock market, that be from the FTSE to S&P or the DAX.

Bellow you can find a screen shot taken from Yahoo finance of Coca-Cola ticker KO.

This shows you the basic shot at first place of the company KO. At this quick glance you are able to tell a lot about the company and look if its the type of company you want to invest into. With so much information available at your fingertips having Yahoo finance is one of the must haves of apps.

As well as having lots of information on stocks, you are also able to receive updates of breaking news and blog posts on companies, stock market and world news. This means you are kept up to date constantly.

Another great feature of Yahoo finance is that you are able to input the stocks with you have in your portfolio. Doing so will mean that Yahoo finance will send notifications to your phone of any new news on any of the companies you hold. Sometimes this is a super helpful feature to have as your not always searching the internet for news on the companies you hold.

App #2 - Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha in my opinion is one of the best apps for news and updates on companies which you hold in your portfolio. Just like Yahoo, with Seeking alpha you are also able to input the stocks you have into the app and Seeking alpha will track and send you notifications on any new news that any of the stocks have in your portfolio.

The information now only includes and normal news about the companies but also about pay dates of dividends and if any of your holdings have increased their dividend payout. These little notifications Seeking alpha send to your phone once again is great as sometimes finding news about certain stocks can be hard, so getting all the information sent to your phone makes it 10x easier.

Seeking Alpha has a great feature of having plenty of blog posts giving you almost unlimited amounts of research, reading and ideas of how to craft your portfolio into your own vision.

Website #1 Nasdaq

Nasdaq is a website which I use to search up Ex-dividend dates, pay dates and dividend history of US stocks.

It is a great resource to view when a stock goes ex-dividend so you know you will receive a dividend but also is good to see if a company has been giving a dividend raise, or make sure it hasn't cut its dividend recently. When investing for dividends its important to see how a company has been paying out dividends and if its been increasing the dividend or at least holding the dividend.

As you can see from the picture above that Coca-Cola increased their dividend in 2019 from $0.39 to $0.4. This is great information to have and gives you reassurance that you know they are VERY unlikely to cut their dividend especially with a payout ratio so low.

Website #2 - Dividend Data

Dividend data is the website which I use to search up the ex-dividend dates, pay dates and dividend history for UK stocks. This is much like Nasdaq above but for UK stocks, this website covers stocks from the FTSE 100 to the AIM.

As you can see from the picture above that the website gives so much information, from the ticker symbol to the payment date. What I like is that this website also shows you what market each of the stock is in. As the FTSE100 is considered quite safe, especially compared to the AIM market. You are able to get a general idea of how large the company is by the Market it is in.

Using all these Apps and websites I give myself the best chance and the most information on any stock I am considering to add to my portfolio. I hope these list of apps and website will help anyone new too investing or maybe someone who didn't know about these. All these apps and websites are ones which I use at least once a week when researching new stocks or the current ones I have in my portfolio.


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