Fear and progression

These are the two things which have been playing on my mind for quite some time now. Two of the biggest things in life, one holds you back and the other betters you and your life. Well that's true to some point, progression is a necessity in life. If we dont progress we stand still, we gain nothing and as a person we become no better. Fear is a strange feeling, I have my fears which cause me pain like anyone else. But sometimes I find fear is a driving force for progression. There are some fears I cannot or struggle to conquer, but other fears, they drive me and help me become a better person. Some of my fears include heights and disappointing people. But when I really think about it, all my fears put together, they really come down to the fear of missing out. I HATE heights with a passion, but it never stops me. Rock climbing scares the hell out of me but I do it anyway, this is because I might miss out of the fun, excitement. It's the fear of not feeling almost. If I never had fear I dont think I would of progressed so far in my life. My next fear I am going to conquer, and this is I AM going to, is to create a youtube channel. This is the next step for me whilst developing what I have now and it will only add to my confidence and will add to my progression. Now what you should do is to write down your fear and go do something which pushes that fear. Who knows, you might find a new love or passion.


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