Shareholder Perks, for you and myself.

When investing into companies we mainly think about the price appreciation of the stock or the dividend which they pay out. But for some companies they offer a bit more to their shareholders. Some companies will reward you with perks and benefits. Bellow I will share some companies which offer perks and the break down of each stock.

These numbers accurate to 06/01/2020.

Marstons PLC - MARS.L

Cost/share: 126.5p Yield: 5.79% Minimum shares 500

- total cost £632.50

Perk: 20% discount on food and accommodations at participating pubs and lodges.

Carnival PLC - CCL.L

Cost/share: 3525p Yield: 4.24% Minimum shares 100

- total cost £3,525

Perk: On-board credits, amount depends on duration of stay and brand of Carnival.

Legal & General - LGEN.L

Cost/share: 302.1p Yield 5.39% Minimum shares 1

- total cost £3.02

Perks: You’ll get a number of discounts including 15% off home and travel insurance, 25% off landlord insurance, and 10% off pet and over 50s life insurance

Marks and spencers - MKS.L

cost/share: 211.5p Yeild 5.09% Minimum share 1

- total cost £2.11

Qualifying date: Around November each year

Perk: Selection of vouchers issued in January if you hold shares on qualifying date.

Whitbread PLC - WTB.L

Cost/share: 4810p Yield 2.06% Minimum shares 64

- total cost £3,078.4

Qualifying date: Around May each year.

Perk: Benefit card gives free breakfasts at Premier Inns and 10% discount in Whitbread restaurants.

Always do your own research into stocks and I am not suggesting to invest into these companies. Only highlighting shareholder benefits


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