The passive paycheck

Could you imagine the day where you are just sat at home, not working, you get a ping and it's a notification that you've been paid. This is my main goal, to replace my active income with a passive income. This strategy is completely doable to anyone of any age, it is sacrificing the nice things to have an easier life later.

Ive been thinking about this a lot lately, how I can reduce my reliance on my active income and decided to make an in-depth tracking spreadsheet of all my passive income. Creating this spreadsheet would mean I'm able to view my progress, year on year, becoming financially free and independent. A great way to view it is every pound I earn passively is equates to time I don't have to work. Currently I earn £13.50 a hour at my work, I also average over £10 a month in dividends from my main account. With these numbers it equates that I am able to take a hour off work and it be covered by passive income.

Obviously I won't be taking the money from the passive income but reinvesting it and allowing that money to compound will help my financial situation tenfold. I have got another 40 odd years of compounding on my investments before will rely on them. That also gives myself 40 years to invest, compound and increase my passive income sources.

Passive income, cash flow is one of the best tools for financial freedom and something everyone should have access to and a understanding of. If you are reading this and don't know where to start, follow the page on instagram or send a email and I shall help with links and resources to help anyone on their journey to financial freedom.


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