Trading212 Challenge 10/01/2020

As todays trading session comes to a close another £5 was deposited into the account. With the £5 deposited into the account I asked my instagram followers what they thought would be best to invest into. I came up with 3 stocks which I could average down in. First one being British land Company ticker symbol


which I was down almost 6%, second stock being GlaxoSmithKline ticker symbol


which I'm down almost 5% and the third stock being Royal Dutch Shell ticker symbol


which I was down 10%.

Obviously with oil being hit so much by the coronavirus this could give a prime opportunity to average down in RDS and with their renewable investments becoming larger and larger I'm liking the way the company is going. Safe to say I invested the £5 into RDSA.L and brought another 0.25 shares. Doing so brought the total amount of shares in RDSA.L to 0.51 shares and down 7%

The total value of the challenge account is now to a great £172.26. The account is currently up 0.37% with a gain of £0.64. This isn't bad for a portfolio only a couple months old and only investing £5 every Monday.

I am pleased to report that today the portfolio received its first dividend. This dividend was paid by British land company BLND.L. Stocks held of BLND before the ex dividend date was 1.6 shares, with a payout of 6.35p per share I received a total of £0.10. This may not be a large amount but its passive income! With some money left over from buying the .25 shares in RDSA.L I managed to reinvest this 10p and brought 0.1 shares in BLND. This resulted in my portfolio now having a total of 1.7 shares.

I am hoping that soon ill receive more and more dividends every week meaning I will be able to supplement the £5 I add weekly.


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