Trading212 challenge - 24/02/2020

With another £5 being deposited into the trading212 challenge account this means I am able to average down on another stock in the portfolio.

Choosing the next stock to average down in was fairly easy. I decided to pick Hormel foods ticker HRL to average down. Recently their earnings report came out at it effected and stock dropped 7% in value. Hormel foods has a small but growing dividend of 1.9% but has a dividend payout ratio of 24% which gives this stock plenty of room to grow their dividend.

This company currently has a great profit margin of 10%, currently they have a 739 million in cash to 317 million in debt. Having so much cash on hand compared to debt is a great thing for a company to have as it means they are not held back by debt and can easily pay it off or down.

HRL is a quarterly paying stock which pays out in the months of February, May, August and November.

Click here to open up Nasdaq HRL

Hormel foods is part of the consumer sector, they own products like Spam, Skippy, Holly Guacamole and Applegate.

This week I received another dividend which was paid out by Prospect capital ticker PSEC, was another small dividend of £0.04 but it will add nicely to the £5 which is being deposited. Every week with the additional £5 these dividends will grow nicely and add greatly weekly.

As of today opening the portfolio is sitting at £181.54 which is a great sum of money and I love the compounding effect it creates.

Currently I am trying something new and I have started match betting to try and make a bit of money on the side. I don’t expect to make lots of money from it but every time I make £5 extra I will withdraw it and invest it into the stock market, then my money will be working double time.


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