Trading212 challenge change

Updated: Mar 9

Trading212 challenge account change

I have been thinking lately about my goals and aims, not only in investing but also in life. I originally set up the Trading212 challenge account to help and inspire people to start investing. I started investing with just £5 a week to show that you don’t have to have a lot of money to start investing and to create a passive income. I still hope I am achieving this goal by doing the challenge account but I feel like I can do more with it and try to extend my reach and help more.

I have been thinking about the word Philanthropy and Philanthropist. Philanthropist definition is a person who seeks to promote the welfare of others, especially by the generous donation of money to good causes. But it’s also not necessarily about money, but also time and effort put towards a good causes. This is what I want to better myself into and so this is where it comes into the Trading212 challenge account change.

Because of my desire to better myself I am going to change the course of the challenge account.

To take on the philanthropy desire of mine I have decided I will give a certain percentage of the dividend income from the account to a selected charity. The percentage given to charity will be a question I will put to the followers on instagram and make my decision from there. I will also be looking for a group of charities (between 2 and 6) which I will also put to the followers on instagram for which one to donate to.

I will put 5 options for the percentage of dividend income to charity, ranging from 5% to 25%. As the portfolio is still small at the moment the amount of dividend income won’t be very large. As a result I will review the selected periods of charitable giving. This could be bi-annual to start but as the portfolio grows could change to quarterly.

The charities which will be selected will be varied in their charitable cause to give a diverse option to donate money too. I believe having a selection not to large will give the best results for charitable giving. I will be doing research over the next couple weeks to select the charities I believe will have the best impact.

I will still be investing £5 every week to keep up the challenge side of the portfolio as I still want to promote that anyone can invest and its very accessible.

*Changes to the portfolio

As I have added another dimension to the portfolio, I have restructured. With philanthropy it's about wanting to better the world and help others. With so much focus currently on climate change I have decided to sell some of the stocks held in the portfolio. To be inline with philanthropy I have sold all Oil stocks in the portfolio, even if they invest into renewables. I have also decided to sell out of bank stocks as many invest into oil companies. I won’t be adding any sin stocks to the portfolio as in tobacco stocks, alcohol stocks and gambling stocks.

In turn I have selected 25 stocks for the portfolio. Having 25 stocks will give the portfolio great diversity and a steady dividend income, one which will hopefully compound greatly over the long and short term and create a larger dividend income. The 25 stocks are a mix between US and UK stocks, I have not gone for a specific investing technique but a mixture of dividend income and dividend growth stocks.

Portfolio is as follows

AGNC investments - Ticker AGNC

AT & T. - Ticker T

Aviva - Ticker AV

Barratt development - Ticker BDEV

British land company - Ticker BLND

Brookfield Renewable - Ticker BEP

Coca-Cola - Ticker KO

General Mills - Ticker GIS

GlaxcoSmithKline - Ticker GSK

Greencoat UK wind - Ticker UKW

Hormel Foods - Ticker HRN

Legal & General - Ticker LGEN

LTC Properties - Ticker LTC

Main Street capital - Ticker MAIN

Microsoft - Ticker MSFT

Mondelez. - Ticker MDLZ

Pennon Group - Ticker PNN

PepsiCo - Ticker - PEP

Prospect capital - Ticker PSEC

Realty income - Ticker O

Reckitt Benckiser - Ticker RB

Taylor Wimpey - Ticker TW

Unilever - Ticker ULVR

Visa - Ticker V

Waste Management

- Ticker WM

I believe these 25 investments will give the portfolio a diverse income and generate good growth over the long term.

I will be setting up a specific page on the website where I will post spreadsheets which track the portfolio and the income generated for everyone to see. With the portfolio being open to view of the public and questions put on instagram for the followers I want this portfolio not only to be about investing and donating from my side but as a community as a whole.

I am hoping there will be patients as this portfolio is rather new and dividends are only just coming into the portfolio and may take some time to get set up and running.

Feel free to message me via instagram if you have any questions about the portfolio and plan.


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