Trading212 portfolio - 04/05/20

It seems May has swung round fast! As it comes another Monday arrives, with another deposit of £5 into the challenge account.

Its £5 is a special one, as we now have over £300 invested into this account! This is great and an amazing milestone. I am sure at this rate we will soon hit £500!

With this weeks £5 deposit we invested it into one of our original stocks. This one is a great monthly paying REIT, Realty income ticker symbol O.

We managed to pick up another 0.12 shares brining the total to 0.48 shares of Realty income. This is currently down 15% in the portfolio, but long term I am sure it will pick back up again.

What is Realty income?

Realty income is a triple net lease which rents out over 6,400 real estate properties to over 50 sectors. Some people are wary of REITS as many landlords are struggling and are asking for rent cuts. Though I went through and looked who Realty income rent their buildings to and it eased my worries slightly, the list includes: Walgreens, 7-Eleven, Fedex, Sainsbury's and many many more. With a 98.6% portfolio occupancy and such big companies which haven't shut down during Covid-19, I believe they are in a strong position.

Realty income has an Earning call today so will see how they fair, but I believe this stock is a well deserved long time hold in the portfolio. With this investment into Realty income, it has no pushed it to our largest position in the portfolio, with it account of 7.29% of it.

In terms of dividends from the portfolio last week we managed to get one, which I was very happy about as I love receiving dividends once a week! The dividend paid out was from LTC properties and was £0.03.

I would love to see the size of these dividends start to grow over time, but as we have £300 now invested we should start to see larger and larger dividends make their way into the account.

The end of next month will be our first charity donation from the portfolio, this is incredibly. exciting and cannot wait to see what we as a community pick to donate too. If you want to find a list of charities which have been picked click to download the portfolio analysis.

Philanthropist Portfolio Analysis
Download PDF • 121KB

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