Trading212 Portfolio - 09/03/2020

The end of last week and beginning of this week has created lots of great opportunities in the market for stocks. With the end of last week entering us into a correction of the market and today with the Pre-market hitting new lows it created what seem to be more panic in the stock market. With blood running in the streets lots of investors are worried. With the portfolio currently down 10.49% (£22.45) some might look at this and worry. But what this means is that there are stocks which are offering greater dividend yields due to the price being so low. If you brought stocks while the stock market was going up, why not buy when the stock market is going down?

So with this weeks £5 deposit I decided to average down in Coca-Cola ticker $KO. With the current stock price I was able to buy another 0.12 shares for £4.79. One of the reasons I decided KO was because the stock goes ex dividend on the 13th of march. At the current price valuation the stock is offering a dividend yield of 2.89% which is a very nice yield for a US stock. Now the portfolio has a total of 0.34 shares in KO and over time I hope to get one total share.

I received 2 free shares, one last week and one today. Them being National Grid ticker NG and General Electric ticker GE. I have sold both of these in the portfolio and averaged down in PSEC, Main, AV and BLND. Sadly last week I didn't receive any dividend from this account, but over time I hope this portfolio will bring in nice monthly dividend. Once the dividends start flowing in then we can start donating more to charity.

Currently the top 5 holdings of the portfolio are:

British land company - BLND

Coca-Cola - KO

Main Street capital - MAIN

Prospect capital - PSEC

GlaxoSmithKline - GSK

Over time I hope to have £20 capital in each of the 25 stocks, with £5 a week I know slowly but surely the portfolio will get there.

Do you have Facebook? There is a great UK and European dividend investors group.

If your interested in joining follow link bellow and apply.


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