Trading212 Portfolio - 14/04/20

This week to celebrate easter weekend I deposited £5 on the Thursday and £5 on the Monday! With these two deposits I managed to buy another 0.12 shares of Unilever ticker symbol UVLR bringing the total to 0.32 shares and 0.3 shares of GSK bringing it to a total of 0.93 shares. These are great stable companies we have now increase our position in.

The reason behind investing into both ULVR and GSK was because these are great stable companies in the UK which a great dividend record. I believe these stocks can bring more stability to the portfolio in these testing times. ULVR is a greatly diverse consumer defensive stock.

You don't see many UK stocks getting talked about over social media as some of the largest companies In the world are from America, but these two are some of the standout stocks which the UK has to offer the world. When it comes to investing, diversity is key. With being a UK investor, investing into UK stocks for dividends means I don't have to pay a withholding tax on foreign dividends. This makes it much more appealing to look closer to home for strong dividend paying companies.

I am excited to say last week we managed to receive a dividend from AGNC of £0.15. This was the only dividend the account received this week but still very much welcomed!

We now have a steady flow of dividends from this portfolio and I am almost reporting new dividends weekly! once we have around £20 capital in each stock position, I will look at starting new positions in the portfolio for even more dividend payments.

when it comes to investing you don't want to over diversify, or putting to little eggs in to many baskets. Though there is no general rule of thumb about how many stocks you should have in your portfolio, though the general advice is to only have as many stocks as you are able to keep track of.

I hope everyone enjoyed their easter weekend and stayed safe.


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