Trading212 Portfolio - 20/05/20

This week has been brilliant for the portfolio, we have received some nice dividends which is great! I am really happy with the way the portfolio is progressing and as another £5 gets deposited into the account we invest into our next stock.

The chosen stock for this week is Legal & General ticker LGEN. Our £5 managed to buy another 2.4 shares bringing the total to 9.2 shares and we have now reached £20 invested into this stock. I think LGEN is a great stock but like many other business may fall on hard times in the time to come. Due to cover 19 lots of companies will effected, time will tell how LGEN will do. Currently LGEN has a dividend yield of 8.55% and only a payout ratio of 55%, which means the dividend is well covered, but due to the yield being so high I'm keeping my eye on it. LGEN makes good profitability as a company and has £13B cash to £5B debt, so again their debt is well covered.

As a bonus buy today we also brought 0.01 shares in Mondelez ticker MDLZ. This stock has a dividend yield of 2.04% and a payout ratio of 41%. I managed to buy this with the pennies left over from buying LGEN.

In terms of dividends in the last week they have been fantastic! Since the last blog post we got 4 dividend payments! On the 15th we received 2 dividends, one from GSK at £0.18 and another from Mondelez at £0.02. Then today we received another two, one from MAIN at £0.07 and another from O at £0.04! I can't believe in the last we the portfolio received 4 dividends, which totalled £0.31 alone. Because the portfolio donates 25% of the dividends received to charity this means another £0.07 is added to the pot.

Adding the dividends to the total we have now received a total of £1.62 from this portfolio, which means the portfolio has raised a total of £0.41 for charity. It's a great start to a portfolio which only started a few months ago.

At the end of June I will calculate how much the portfolio has created and donate the sum to a charity of You, the followers, liking. If you're interested go to Portfolio, this is where you can see what charities the portfolio will be donating to and what shares are held.


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