Trading212 portfolio - 23/02/2020

The portfolio now has a total loss of 21% currently. This is a fair bit of the portfolio, but means that the £5 again is able to buy more shares! The portfolio is coming to its 3 months birthday and in total we have invested £245.94, current portfolio value of £191.98, which I expect to drop more coming into the new week.

This week I have decided to invest into Greencoat UK Wind ticker UKW, this stock is currently down 24% in the portfolio and but is a great stock! UKW invests into renewable energy. With the £5 I have brought another 5 shares bringing the total to 8.5 shares.

So what happened over the period of last week? Ill be honest there was a fair bit of activity on the account. On Monday we managed to pick up another 3.1 shares of Legal & General group ticker LGEN and received two dividends! One from Realty income ticker O of £0.02 and another from Main Street Capital ticker MAIN of also £0.02. On the 17th we received a dividend from AGNC of £0.11 and the last dividend paid was on the 19th which was paid by Unilever ticker ULVR of £0.07! In total we managed to get a total of £0.22 last week alone, which is very impressive.

On top of all the dividends, we received another free share of National Grid ticker NG. We sold this and brought two new shares for the portfolio. The two new shares are Honeywell ticker HON which was 0.05 shares and Siemens ticker SIE where we added 0.08 shares. This brings the portfolio to a total of 27 stocks. We have a great diversity in this portfolio of stocks round the world and from different sectors. Having these 27 stocks will give the portfolio a nice cash flow.

At the moment the portfolio has brought in £0.35 this month. Another 3 months and we will give our first portion of money to charity. I am really excited to use the first amount of dividends from this portfolio.

The 27 stocks are as follows

AGNC - 1.4 shares

T - 0.3 shares

AV - 2.8 shares

BDEV - 0.8 shares

BLND - 3.5 shares

BEP - 0.12 shares

KO - 0.46 shares

GIS - 0.17 shares

GSK - 0.6 shares

UKW - 8.5 shares

HON - 0.05 shares

HRL - 0.27 shares

LGEN - 6.8 shares

LTC - 0.25 shares

MAIN - 0.49 shares

MSFT - 0.05 shares

MDLZ - 0.11 shares

PNN - 0.4 shares

PEP - 0.05 shares

PSEC - 3.2 shares

O - 0.23 shares

RB - 0.1 shares

SIE - 0.08 shares

TW - 2.1 shares

ULVR - 0.2 shares

V - 0.04 shares

WM - 0.06 shares

Its going to be great to watch these stocks go from fractional to whole shares, and the dividend income we will receive from them.


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