Trading212 portfolio - 27/04/20

Another Monday, another £5 deposited into the account. With this weeks £5 I increased the amount of renewable shares I hold in the portfolio, by adding Foresight Solar fund ticker FSFL. This stock goes ex dividend on the 30th of this month. With this £5 I managed to buy another 4.4 shares in FSFL meaning we now have a total of 8.9 shares.

Foresight solar fund is a closed end fund which has a portfolio predominantly UK ground-based solar assets. This fund has approximately 45 asset portfolio which comprises solar instillations across England and Wales, with a total capacity of 790 megawatts (MW).

In terms of dividends over the last week we managed to get one. This was from Prospect capital ticker PSEC at £0.13. This is a nice sized dividend from this portfolio and was happy and surprised when it arrived on the Friday. This added a nice £0.0325 (Rounded to £0.04) into the charity pot from this portfolio. The total this account has raised for a charity is currently sitting at £0.44, this amount is slowly building up nicely.

I am excited to announce that last week we managed to get a free share! This was in GE, which I sold and put money into the challenge account - Side note GE has now announced they are stopping their dividend and also their share buy back. Selling GE I rounded to £17 which was deposited into the account. With this I brought a few different shares, 4 to be exact. The 4 stocks which were added were: Foresight solar fund (4.5 shares), J. Laing assets (10 shares), Renewable infrastructure (0.1 shares) and Brookfield renewables (0.01 shares).

With this weeks free stock and dividend the portfolio now has a total of £299.31 invested with a portfolio value of £267.55. The current return is -£31.74 (-10.61%). Over time we will claw this back while making dividends.

Now coming to the end of the month I will be updating the spreadsheet and uploading it to the website for everyone to see.

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