Trading212 Portfolio- 27/07/20

Weeks summary

Stock picked: UnitedHealth Group

Ticker: UNH

Shares added: 0.02

Total shares owned: 0.051

Dividend yield: 1.65%

Payout ratio: 25%

Dividends received:



This weeks stock

What does UnitedHealth Group do?

UnitedHealth group operates as a diversified health care company in the United States. They operate in four segments: UnitedHealthCare, OptumHealth, OptumInsight and OptumRx. The UnitedHealthCare segment offers health benefit plans and services for national employers of all sized companies.

They offer specialised plans for older individuals, Medicaid plans, Children’s health insurance program and health care programs with medical and dental benefits. You will find UNH under the sector of Healthcare and industry of Healthcare plans.

UnitedHealth Group is the largest healthcare company in the world by revenue in 2019, with a revenue of $242.2 billion. UnitedHealthCares revenue comprises 80% of the overall revenue for the whole company.

Interestingly you will find that UNH has set up two foundations, first being United Health Foundation and UnitedHealthCare Children's Foundation. [1]


Dividend Yield: 1.65%

Payout ratio: 25.24% (Yahoo finance)

Profit margin: 6.90%

Return on assets: 8.46%

Return on equity: 9.82%

P/E ratio (price to earnings): 16.91

Adjusted EPS: 1455

EPS (Earning per share) Growth: 17%

BETA: 0.72

Cash: $25.59B

Debt: $46.06B

EBITDA: 26.49B

Stock breakdown:

Having a quick look at UNH I am liking the fundamentals a lot. We see first the dividend yield which is 1.65%, which is nothing to write home about, but turning our head to the payout ratio which is a very low 25%. With such a low payout makes this a great stock for dividend growth.

The profit margin of 6.9% is a bellow what I would normally look for in a stock (10%ish).

But as the payout ratio is so low they have plenty left over after paying the dividend. The P/E of this stock is about right where its between the 10 and 20 P/E.

They have a nice amount of EPS growth looking forward which is a good thing to see in times like these, not only that but with many companies shrinking in size its nice to see one with a positive outlook.

The Beta is 0.72 so its slightly volatile with the market but still under 1. They have almost have half the cash compared to debt which isn’t a bad thing to see. They would easily be able to pay down debt if needed to.

This stock has a strong balance sheet in my opinion with lots of room for dividend growth in the future. Recently UNH profits have doubled but this being due to procedures postponed due to Covid 19. [2]

This stock is currently rated as a buy with 22 out of 23 vote buy or strong buy.

This stock is defiantly a interesting one and one which I am very happy topping up in the portfolio.


Dividends received

This week we received 1 dividend this week totalling £0.08

KDP @ £0.03

CSCO @ £0.05

Total dividend (Month): £0.72

Total dividend (6 month): £0.72

Total Donated charity: £1.09


General account summary

The last couple of days last week was very interesting to watch. Our portfolio was in the green for almost a week, but then a nice small sell off happened Thursday and Friday, creating a great buying opportunity for us. We are currently at the time of writing down £2.39 (-0..62%). The pies on Trading212 are still working great and its such a good feature. Cannot wait for it to finish Beta and to be rolled out.

Our top 5 stocks currently in the portfolio are as follows: UnitedHealth Group ticker UNH (3.1%), Visa ticker V (3.07%), Renewable infrastructure group ticker TRIG (2.25%), Greencoat UK wind ticker UKW (2.23%) and National Grid Ticker NG (2.21%). Funnily majority of the top 5 performing stocks are from the Energy sector which due to covid has been beaten down hugely. But with becoming a more concious of our environmental impacts renewable energy has been getting a large amount of press where you can see the results in our top 5.


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