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I have been using Trading212 for over a year so have had much use of the app and broker themselves. Trading212 is a broker which executed buy and sell orders on the stock market. The markets which is accessible through the Trading212 app are LSE, DAX, NYSE, NASDAQ, AEX, SIX and BME. You have access to over 1800 stocks and 200 ETFs and they are always adding more. With so many stocks on offer you'll always fine something intresting. With Trading212 being fee free it's one of the best ways for someone who doesnt have a lot of cash to start out.

Buy and sell speeds

One of the main benefits of Trading212 is the speed of the buy and sell execution. This allows you to get in and out of trades quickly. There are many options with the app when setting up a sell order, with stops, limits, stock limits and a simple sell.

Fractional shares

A new feature Trading212 has recently brought in is the option to trade fractional shares. This makes buying stocks so much easier when you dont have a large amount of capital to invest with. Being able to buy fractional shares also means your able to DRIP (dividend reinvestment plan) dividends back into stocks, allowing you to compound faster.


Trading212 is great for tracking dividends. Many shares pay out dividends, some monthly, some quarterly and others bi-annual. The simplisty of the app allows you to clearly see the amount you've been paid, when you've been paid and by who.

Customer service

When I first started using this app I had many questions. At first I was sceptical as previous apps I used taken hours before someone replied to my question. Surprisingly with Trading212 I have never waited more than 15 minutes for someone to reply to my question. Once a representative has replied, the conversation stays active till they have answered your question.


Just the usability of the app is great. The bonus is they keep updating the app and listening to their users to bring the best possible experience. Trading212 has set up a community forum where you are able to express how you believe the app and broker can improve.

Free share scheme

Trading212 offers a free share scheme for when you refer someone. All you have to do is open an invest or ISA account and deposit £1. When all the criteria has been met you are then awarded your free share. This can have a value upto £100/€100/$100. This is a great way to boost your portfolio. You are able to recieve upto 20 free shares but able to keep referring people after.

Who can use the Trading212 app


In conclusion Trading212 is an amazing app and broker for beginners who want to get into investing. Because the ease and the accessibility of the app it's great for anyone at any stage of investing. This is one of the only brokers I know of who offers fractional shares, making it easier to reinvest dividends when you dont have a large amount of capital invested. They always have people available to answer questions and normally respond fast. I would highly recommend them.


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