Trading2121 Portfolio - 06/04/2020

Today alone has been a great day for the portfolio, the DOW opened 1000 points up (almost 5%), this brought the portfolio up nicely but affected the stock I wanted to average down in!

With this £5 deposit I put to people on Facebook and instagram, what stock should I buy. The general consensus was to average down in shares of Realty income ticker I did.

Before the US stock market opened the shares were down 37%, which made it a great stock to average down in. I put an order in to buy 0.14 share of O ready for the market open.....which then proceeded to get canceled. When I went to put in a order again I was only able to buy 0.13 shares, that 0.01 shares I wouldn't of minded having. Having brought another 0.13 shares we now hold a total of 0.36 shares and a loss of 22.49% which is a lot better than -37%.

In my opinion Realty income is one of the best monthly Reits you are able to buy, I am sure this company will hold through this current market situation - please do your own research when investing.

In terms of dividends this week we received 3 nice payments! Two of which was paid on the 1st, these being LTC Properties ticker LTC which paid £0.03 and PepsiCo ticker PEP which also paid £0.03. Our last dividend was paid on the 2nd by Coca-Cola ticker KO which paid out a juicy dividend of £0.13. Those 3 dividends brought this weeks total to a nice £0.19 added into the portfolio. I love getting these notification in this account as I know we are able to compound the account faster and not only that, but we have more we can donate to charity come June.

The portfolio has a current value of £216.22 with a loss of 17.4%. We have invested a total of £261.78. I believe over the long term we will see a nice return on this money as now is a very rare opportunity for investors.

Good luck to all investors and stay safe.


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