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Yahoo finance

Yahoo finance is a great app and website you can use to research stocks and their fundamentals. You are able to input stocks in your portfolio and receive news updates and track your investments from the app/website.

Link to Yahoo finance 

Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha in my opinion is one of the best apps for news and updates on companies which you hold in your portfolio. Just like Yahoo, with Seeking alpha you are also able to input the stocks you have into the app and Seeking alpha will track and send you notifications on any new news that any of the stocks have in your portfolio.

Link to Seeking Alpha


Nasdaq is a website which I use to search up Ex-dividend dates, pay dates and dividend history of US stocks.

It is a great resource to view when a stock goes ex-dividend so you know you will receive a dividend but also is good to see if a company has been giving a dividend raise, or make sure it hasn't cut its dividend recently. When investing for dividends its important to see how a company has been paying out dividends and if its been increasing the dividend or at least holding the dividend.

Link to Nasdaq

Dividend Data

Dividend data is the website which I use to search up the ex-dividend dates, pay dates and dividend history for UK stocks. This is much like Nasdaq above but for UK stocks, this website covers stocks from the FTSE 100 to the AIM.

Link to Dividend Data


Stockanalysis is a great website where you can look up recent IPOs, Stock news and a Brilliant blog. With lots of information for beginners to learn but also great resources for researching stocks for the normal investor.

Link to Stockanalysis


Beginners investing check list

Here is your free beginners investing check list.
it is a very simple sheet for you to fill out. The hopes of this list is to enable you to work out the type of investor you are, your goals, what you want to get out from investing and for you to set up any milestones you want to hit.


Single best investment

Free book

This book is a great read. it teaches you about how to create your own single best investment, Your own compound machine. It shows you how to understand graphs and how to create your portfolio with rules. I recommend this book to someone who has the basic understanding of investing.

Income tracking spread sheet

Here is the income tracking spreadsheet which I personally use. Customise and add your income sources and see how your passive income compares to active income. 

*Document is an numbers file


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