Stocks and shares ISA

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You can use your ISA for investing inside a tax wrapper allowing all investments to be tax free. Using a stocks and shares isa gives you access to many different products to invest into and diversify.

What does a stocks and shares ISA do?

This type of account is called a stocks & shares ISA, where you can invest in funds (shares or bonds from various companies pooled into one investment), bonds (basically a loan to a company or a government), and shares in individual companies. Stocks & shares ISAs are typically managed by an online service (often called an online broker or platform), fund management group or fund supermarket.

What to look out for and fees:

If you wish to open a stocks & shares ISA, you need to be aware that many of these companies charge a fee for you to open and hold a stocks & shares ISA. Some even charge you if you want to change any of your investments, withdraw your money or move it to another company.

Some stocks & shares ISA providers may allow you to hold some of your allowance as cash within the stocks & shares ISA. But you're free to open separate accounts if you prefer.

It is mandatory that money held in a S&S ISA be made available on request within 30 days but it is permitted to have a loss of interest penalty for this. A S&S ISA with a deposit facility may impose a loss of interest penalty to comply with this requirement.

* Capital is at risk when investing in the stock market *


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